November 20, 2010

Hello from BBC?

It often has slipped my mind how historically important the art center is.  Two years ago i answered the phone in our office to, "Hi, this is {fill in cute sounding British boy's name here} calling from the BBC in London."  Of course it caught me off guard and my immediate thoughts involved tricking BBC Boy into bring me back to London with him...but i was able to hold my composure.  They were interested in conducting an interview with one of our founding ladies, Margaret Burroughs.  Apparently BBC was making a documentary about art in the recession, and well- that's the economic situation our art center grew out of in the 1940's and is currently surviving another spat of.  (Makes sense eh?)

The art center emerged out of the WPA funds from the New Deal and is one of the last standing art centers out of 110 that were opened through this government funding.  Eleanor Roosevelt was there for it's opening in 1941, and yes- we'd love for this lady to stop by some day.  (Although, my boss and i would rather host her counterpart.  My boss wants the art center's mens room to be redone... and well, i'm into those ears.)

The art center also has a landmark status as per it's original 1940's New Bauhaus design.  The interior was made to be functional and cost effective, however these things are severely outweighed by it's charm.  The wood paneling spanning the first floor gallery and lobby has the markings left behind from hanging every piece of art, each hammering mistake, or splash of wine :)
April 1942

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