November 6, 2010


I thought i would be fitting to connect the beginning of my experiences at the art center to my current situation.  There are squirrels living in my bedroom wall- waking me up with their gnawing little teeth and the irrational nightmares of them falling through the ceiling and landing on my face.  Coincidentally, i got what is probably the funniest call I've ever received from my boss last week.  He was explaining to me that our maintenance guy had been cleaning out the third floor room... and before he finished his sentence i started laughing and responded, "Oh, they found Scrat and Fievel."

Ah, yes.  We couldn't figure out what they were at first- and i had named the first one Fievel.  Then the second one came plumiting down from the ceiling and landed on my head.  Awesome. Conclusion: mummified squirrels from who-knows-what kind of hazardous poison pest control method.  This incident occurred whilst gutting the room for the restoration project my friend and I decided to embark upon.  (We wrote a proposal and got funding for rehabbing the third floor room in order to host the center's art archive.)  Thankfully i was wearing a doo-rag and a face mask... and probably already covered in enough other 100 year-old house dusty mayhem to be considered a walking toxic mess anyways.  For some reason, we couldn't throw the squirrels out and decided to keep them in the photo trays and hide them amongst the other things we put back in the room once the project was done.  Recently steps towards completing the room by installing an HVAC system had finally began, and whilst rummaging through the all the stuff that got thrown in there in the mean time... well... ooops?  And yes, i requested to keep them still.  It may not make sense, but i feel like they embody my experience with that first project at the art center.  My boss didn't want to admit it, but didn't want to let them go either.  The squirrels living my wall won't have the same fate- and as annoying as the current situation is, i cant help but think of Scrat and Fievel and laugh.  Annnnd, I feel like that's a good note to end on for my first post :)


  1. those darn squirrels. so glad you have a blog...totes linking you...

  2. LOVE your blog name. As always, you are way cool!! Thanks for including me. As for the squirrels ~ slightly creepy. However, years ago, I remember Kolton gave you a story book about a squirrel who lived in an attic of some sort and painted w/ its tail. Coincidence ~ I think not!!