January 29, 2011

Art is a luxury- just like this beer

How incredibly unfortunate is that art is a privilege in 'MERICA.  It makes art feel sleazy when it's catering to or for the people who can afford it.  The battle for grant money for the "underprivileged" and the amount of bullshit one has to go through to receive them is a pretty discouraging ratio for the overworked and underpaid people who are vying for them.  I'm not surprised as to where my interests have gotten me.  I am overly aware of what matters to me in life and why i love to do what i do.  However, i really dislike that i've already figured out how blatantly i have become part of the socioeconomic culture in which we live in that requires me to sing and dance and "prove" the improvement of a community in order to do so.  It's a forced way of actually educating people and offering them "opportunities that otherwise would not be available" that just gives you a forced outcome.  this sucks.  This sucks even more than dealing with educational paradigms that are obsolete.  Our culture doesn't allow for art to be part of ones daily life without a cost.  It isn't revered or readily accessible to everyone.  THIS SUCKS TOO. Aesthetic experiences go beyond improving your emotional well being, they are also a way to fully engage your mind, have direct applications for learning, and can create an amazing social platform for a community.  It's unfortunate that so many things take precedence over art.  I understand that people have certain basic needs to be fulfilled  such as food, water, shelter... HOWEVER, if art was a practice by which we fulfill these basic needs- WELL THAT WOULD BE NICE NOW EH?  ART AS A TOOL TO SHAPE SOCIETY(not to be confused with artists who are tools...) I WANT THAT.  America, you are so dumb.  You are really really dumb.  hide yer wife, hide yer kids-YES I WENT THERE. xoxo

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