January 12, 2011

my fav 4 letter word

Today a puppy stared at me mischievously (as if he knew how much i probably deserved it) and proceeded to poop on the studio floor... and then run in the corner and pee.  Hours later i decided to start talking to my new mouse friend (who i've yet to name) and someone finally realized the hot water heater wasn't working.  Due to cold water, being in the cold basement, being pretty outta shape, and having the joints of a 72 yr old...well, i hurt all over. And yes actually- it was a fantastic second day for my ceramics internship in upstate NY.

But what about the art center?  Don't worry, i just spent the last few weeks running around like a crazy person making sure everything was in order before i left so i could continue my job via satellite location for 2 months.  Yes- that is pretty amazing that i get to continue working (and get paid) while away in the frozen countryside making 450 pieces of pottery for the studio's fundraiser.  Brings a little tear to the eye thinkin about how supportive my art center really is. <3 <3 <3

The working environment at the art center is one that i am proud to be part of.  The art center has always been known as a place that cultivates artists and helps them advance in their artistic careers.  Given it's homelike nature, it's only natural for it to function on a personal level.  Though this may cause obvious issues (such as disorganized or emotional messes), i don't think i ever want to be part of a place that's run differently.  I feel like corporations try to fake their way into feeling like a family by using the word "camaraderie" too much and having company retreats. 

Being at this studio in upstate NY has been fantastic, and i already feel at home and genuinely cared for/about.  Granted, this place functions primarily as an artist residency program (then secondly as a community arts center) so things are bound to feel "homey" due to the nature of it's purpose.  There are many similarities between this place and my art center, and i could not be more grateful for the learning experiences i have had and will have with these 2 institutions.  Oh yeah- and the whole getting paid for making art AND my job back home is pretty sweet too.  Even with the poop.

Where i'm staying
Where i'm workin :)


  1. Questionable living/working conditions, conversing with mice and dogs...this sounds more like a Disney movie than the life of an artist. But I suppose you could be the next up and coming Walt Disney--minus the racist part.

  2. You know... i think i'd be great in a Disney movie... i like where this is going...